It all started with a Business Card Holder.

I have always been a crafty person. As long as I can remember, I have been creating something. As a child my mom taught me how to crochet. Each time a new baby came into our lives, I had a new pair of baby booties I needed to make.

My dad would find random wallpaper books (we have a strict don't ask don't tell policy), that I would cut up and decorate posters with.

Once I had a baby, it was a natural fit for me to start scrapbooking. I had done it on occasion and really quickly became pretty obsessed.

As I got busier with work, the time for scrapbooking went away. Or so I thought...

This was the first time in my life I had a need to carry a business card. I hated handing out cards that had been in my purse because I'm not the most organized person in the world. The beautiful cards would end of with dog ears and dustings of whatever candy was floating around the bottom of my purse (yes... I am that person).

I decided I needed a business card holder to keep my cards crisp and clean...

I began looking around Etsy to see if there was some that I could order and I was blown away!

But... I also felt like, I could make something like this. I already had a really old sewing machine that was only being used for sewing on scrapbook pages.

I gave it a shot, and I was hooked!

A couple of you tube videos, and sewing machine upgrades later, the choice to open an Etsy shop of my own was a pretty obvious one.

I love this little business of mine and have been working very hard to have growth and exposure.

Mainly, I want to support my fabric addiction. But, I also want to share a piece of myself with the world. I love when I have a bag or pouch that just makes me happy when I see it or use it.

Plus, it's so fun to say "Oh you love this bag, I made it!".